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Cartagena mr3 football


Mr3 football is a very ambitious project created by former player Manu Rubio. As its founder said: “It aims to become the largest community in the world and provide equal training and development opportunities for international football bases”.

The project encourages the dissemination of three-dimensional training methods, combining football, academic education and values formation to ensure the future on and off the pitch. It combines the academic formation of football and basic football, so that players have more future opportunities, no matter how their football career develops.

This project not only focuses on the development of the foundation of football, but also provides space for all those who want to receive training in all aspects of the football world.

Mr3 Global Network: Belonging to the worldwide family of MR3 football clubs, it helps the whole community (management, coaches, professionals, players and family members) develop by providing free training and consultation.

Mr3 Learning Center: The way of training.They seek the best professionals (such as juanmi) to meet regularly with their affiliated clubs and communities, train them and solve their problems.They are developing a digital platform to provide our community with upcoming content.

Mr3 Football Programs: Campus, clinic, technology, double degree courses and football…In fact, our relationship with COVID has not started yet, only in China.These programmes are also organized in cooperation with affiliated clubs to disseminate methods and promote international mobility.

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MR3: At the Voices of the Sport


This is a free program to strengthen family ties


Therefore, MR3 Open Academy started based on a brainstorming meeting to discuss which projects do not exist in China. We can start from the holiday with our annual smile plan.

In China, there is a very unique cultural feature that gives every extracurricular activity (including football) the object to improve a skill and make it more competitive or different. On the children’s agenda, there are at most 3-4 extracurricular activities on weekends, accompanied by psychological and emotional pressure, brought by these activities.  Playing games is not a common concept, nor is it a hobby.

That’s why we think this is an opportunity. Find a space to enhance people’s strength, eliminate stress, and encourage the bonding environment between the children and their parents. Using sports as an excuse to establish positive communication habits, which not only includes parents’ instructions, but also encourages and strengthens more than anything else.

The acceptance of this project is unparalleled. We have increased from 3 families in the first training to 16 families after 3 weeks. There is no communication investment, just oral communication. From only one age group to 2-year-old boys and girls playing football with their families.

What now? I’ll tell you soon.

#Moving Forward Together

This is the most beautiful project I have ever done in my life.


By the summer of 2020, when the pandemic had just begun and my family and I were imprisoned around the world, we were asked to cooperate with Shanghai smile foundation. I never thought about the impact of this project, not just on MR3 football,But for my personal growth and my integration with the country.

Smiles is a non-profit organization that provides training opportunities for poor children in rural China through the vocational training and employment placement program in Shanghai. Through our cooperation, we put forward the possibility of realizing personal growth through football. The main purpose is to help participants integrate into their career through leadership related to individuals and groups.

At first, on paper, the concept of football MR3 (football, learning and values) seemed (and now) to be a very scientific method. It has become a way of personal rediscovery, where I can learn from the players’ stories, progress and transcendence behind each of them. A project, I can think and question a lot of things. This is a developing project. Today is the most beautiful football project I have the honor to participate in.


#Moving Forward Together

“This connection is direct. Our understanding of sports, education and values is the same.”


Talking about Catholic University is talking about sports, training and values. If you are a person from Murcia like me, you should also know the route of success of UCAM since its establishment in 1996, until it becomes an example in the region and abroad today. In China where I live, I have several friends or acquaintances who mentioned universities, which is worthy of pride.

When I decided to start MR3, UCAM came to my mind as the first organization I wanted to share my vision with and sought a possible alliance through which I could provide football, academic and professional opportunities for the whole mr3 global community.

The signing of the strategic partnership agreement is relatively rapid and simple, laying the foundation for our partnership. In addition to what I mentioned earlier, it also includes the possibility of developing and strengthening our training methods and developing joint projects on the international stage. Of course, I am very proud to promote the UCAM brand where MR3 exists. As a sign of sports training, academic education and values forming, it is also a symbol of excellent training in Murcia.


#Moving Forward Together