Cartagena mr3 football


Mr3 football is a very ambitious project created by former player Manu Rubio. As its founder said: “It aims to become the largest community in the world and provide equal training and development opportunities for international football bases”.

The project encourages the dissemination of three-dimensional training methods, combining football, academic education and values formation to ensure the future on and off the pitch. It combines the academic formation of football and basic football, so that players have more future opportunities, no matter how their football career develops.

This project not only focuses on the development of the foundation of football, but also provides space for all those who want to receive training in all aspects of the football world.

Mr3 Global Network: Belonging to the worldwide family of MR3 football clubs, it helps the whole community (management, coaches, professionals, players and family members) develop by providing free training and consultation.

Mr3 Learning Center: The way of training.They seek the best professionals (such as juanmi) to meet regularly with their affiliated clubs and communities, train them and solve their problems.They are developing a digital platform to provide our community with upcoming content.

Mr3 Football Programs: Campus, clinic, technology, double degree courses and football…In fact, our relationship with COVID has not started yet, only in China.These programmes are also organized in cooperation with affiliated clubs to disseminate methods and promote international mobility.

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