“This connection is direct. Our understanding of sports, education and values is the same.”


Talking about Catholic University is talking about sports, training and values. If you are a person from Murcia like me, you should also know the route of success of UCAM since its establishment in 1996, until it becomes an example in the region and abroad today. In China where I live, I have several friends or acquaintances who mentioned universities, which is worthy of pride.

When I decided to start MR3, UCAM came to my mind as the first organization I wanted to share my vision with and sought a possible alliance through which I could provide football, academic and professional opportunities for the whole mr3 global community.

The signing of the strategic partnership agreement is relatively rapid and simple, laying the foundation for our partnership. In addition to what I mentioned earlier, it also includes the possibility of developing and strengthening our training methods and developing joint projects on the international stage. Of course, I am very proud to promote the UCAM brand where MR3 exists. As a sign of sports training, academic education and values forming, it is also a symbol of excellent training in Murcia.


#Moving Forward Together