This is a free program to strengthen family ties


Therefore, MR3 Open Academy started based on a brainstorming meeting to discuss which projects do not exist in China. We can start from the holiday with our annual smile plan.

In China, there is a very unique cultural feature that gives every extracurricular activity (including football) the object to improve a skill and make it more competitive or different. On the children’s agenda, there are at most 3-4 extracurricular activities on weekends, accompanied by psychological and emotional pressure, brought by these activities.  Playing games is not a common concept, nor is it a hobby.

That’s why we think this is an opportunity. Find a space to enhance people’s strength, eliminate stress, and encourage the bonding environment between the children and their parents. Using sports as an excuse to establish positive communication habits, which not only includes parents’ instructions, but also encourages and strengthens more than anything else.

The acceptance of this project is unparalleled. We have increased from 3 families in the first training to 16 families after 3 weeks. There is no communication investment, just oral communication. From only one age group to 2-year-old boys and girls playing football with their families.

What now? I’ll tell you soon.

#Moving Forward Together