This is the most beautiful project I have ever done in my life.


By the summer of 2020, when the pandemic had just begun and my family and I were imprisoned around the world, we were asked to cooperate with Shanghai smile foundation. I never thought about the impact of this project, not just on MR3 football,But for my personal growth and my integration with the country.

Smiles is a non-profit organization that provides training opportunities for poor children in rural China through the vocational training and employment placement program in Shanghai. Through our cooperation, we put forward the possibility of realizing personal growth through football. The main purpose is to help participants integrate into their career through leadership related to individuals and groups.

At first, on paper, the concept of football MR3 (football, learning and values) seemed (and now) to be a very scientific method. It has become a way of personal rediscovery, where I can learn from the players’ stories, progress and transcendence behind each of them. A project, I can think and question a lot of things. This is a developing project. Today is the most beautiful football project I have the honor to participate in.


#Moving Forward Together